Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Tri-County Electric is a non-profit electric cooperative created to serve you, our members. This means you get more than just electrical service. As a member you receive:

  • Ownership in the cooperative
  • Capital credits (dividends)
  • Local offices with friendly employees

The new Tri-County website is designed to help our members learn about how they use energy. With our new interactive online tools and the educational material found on our new web site, We are committed to helping our members improve their quality of life while reducing cost.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative purchases electric service through Brazos Electric Power Cooperative. Brazos Electric is a generation and transmission cooperative owned by Tri-County Electric and fifteen other electric cooperative's operating in north central Texas. The transmission system is used to move power from generating stations to distribution substations located within the TCEC service area. The day to day operation of the transmission system is the responsibility of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). If you wish to monitor the status of the ERCOT system go to www.ERCOT.COM for details.

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We offer members free home energy audits to help keep your electric bills down and improve energy efficiency.

Why Cooperatives Are Special

Cooperative businesses are special because they are owned by the consumers they serve and because they are guided by a set of seven principles that reflect the best interests of those consumers.

More than 100 million people are members of 47,000 U.S. cooperatives, enabling consumers to secure a wide array of goods and services such as health care, insurance, housing, food, heating fuel, hardware, credit unions, child care or utility service.