Outage Reporting


Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc. strives to deliver the most reliable electricity possible in its service area. Unfortunately, even the best of the best systems are not immune to power interruptions. Major storms, vegetation, and wildlife are among many causes of unexpected power outages. Since we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, here are some tips to help:


If you find yourself without electric service:

  • Check and see if your neighbors are without electricity also.
  • If you appear to be the only one without service, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker in your main electrical panel. Reset your residence’s main breaker by switching the breaker completely off and then completely back on. If this does not restore service, please call us.
  • It’s also a good idea to turn off any electric appliance/equipment that was on when service was disrupted.
  • You can also open circuit breakers to large appliances to turn them completely off. Finally, to avoid overloading your main breaker you can turn items back on in 15 minute intervals after power has been restored.


In the event of a power failure, contact us. We would like to get the following information to help us quickly pinpoint the cause of the outage and get restoration crews dispatched as efficiently as possible:

  • Your full name and address, subdivision or community name, and account number.
  • A phone number where we can reach you.
  • The approximate time the power was interrupted.
  • Whether or not your neighbors have service or not.
  • Any other pertinent info, such as a downed power line, a loud noise when the lights went off, or if you have seen a vehicular accident.

Please note: If you or a member of your household rely on electrically powered life support equipment, please inform us of this at the time you call. Also, please verify with us that your account is noted accordingly. We’ll be glad to inform you on how you can get your account set up as a Priority One account.



  • Make sure your automatic garage door opener has a manual entry feature.
  • Keep a supply of flashlights and batteries handy; they are safer than candles.
  • A cellular phone to make and receive calls.
  • A battery powered radio, clock and or TV.
  • A supply of bottled water and canned food.
  • Leave your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Refrigerated items will last a long time without spoiling if you leave the door completely shut during a power outage.